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Davison, MI, United States
I am a middle child,born to middleclass parents.Two older brothers,one younger sister.I am married,and have 3 children, Elizabeth who is married and has 3 little boys. She is lucky enough to be able to stay home with them. Her husband, Alan is a Dr. of Physical Therapy. Jonathan who is single and has just finished college and is still trying to figure out life. Katherine, who had a brain tumor and died at the age of 11, 18 years ago.

Katherine Victoria Porter

Katherine being Katherine 1985
Jonathan, Katherine, Elizabeth and Jill
in Disney World Magic Kingdom 1989
Jonathan, Katherine and Elizabeth Christmas 1983 at Grandma
and Grandpa Macs.
Katherine 1984

Jonathan, Katherine and Elizabeth in 1985
Katherine stuck in a tree in 1985

Katherine 1985 in a borrowed dress from
Montessori because I forgot it was
picture day.
Katherine 1989 NASA

Katherine 1986 Kindergarten Graduation.
Katherine 1985 Montessori
Mrs. Sproule's classroom 1990
Katherine 1986 Kindergarten
Elizabeth and Katherine 1988 on the front porch.
Katherine, Jill, Jonathan and Katherine at Cracker Barrel 1989
Katherine 1989, Disney World
Jonathan, Elizabeth, Jill and Katherine at Manassas,Virginia Bull Run Battlefield 1992

Jonathan, Katherine, Jill, and Elizabeth 1992
Katherine 1989
Katherine 1991

Katherine and Grandpa Porter

Katherine 1990
Katherine 1992

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