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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have some housekeeping issues to take care of so bear with me.  Read the whole thing through. This is filled with bits and pieces for several groups of people.

Open statement to fellow bloggers-
I wanted to let anyone that got a notice that I unsubscribed from your Facebook blog page that I moved you over to my email or RSS. I was finding that I couldn't keep track of them.  I also left some unsubscribed-not because I didn't enjoy your blog, but when I first discovered that blogs existed, I kind of went overboard and subscribed to everything under the sun. If it was mom related then it was for me. I have slowly realized that I don't fit the demographic of most of them. I gave my daughter the names of some and  I have let most go.

I need to trim things up so that I am reading for inspiration, help with writing and help with the knitty- gritty of how a blog works and all the little stuff you have to figure out.

I also was spending too much time reading other blogs and not writing. There is so much material out there to help, I finally have figured that I need to absorb what I have and not keep searching for more.

Post Easter- Wow, did Pastor Phil do a great job Sunday talking. It was powerful and amazing. And Mark Dusseau- the music in the second service just rocked. Everyone was getting moved and clapping.  It was great. What a celebration!

Post post Easter- I found that our oven had turned itself off, while we were at church, so the baked beans were not as done as I wanted. The oven has never done that before. When we got to Alan's parents house, we found out that their oven had died a horrible death the day before. We both got our appliances within a few months of each other.  They built their house as we added on to ours and all of our appliances are the same age. My oven hasn't died, but things don't look promising. Not Intensive Care, but we do have a Do Not Resuscitate Order ready to sign on it. Of course it is a built-in with a dead microwave above. That got replaced a few months ago but the new one is over the stove top with a vent fan. We were going to wait until the oven went before doing anything since they are both built into one unit. Looks like that may be coming sooner  than planned

Post, post  post Easter- my grand baby boys and their cousin hit the sugar wall part way through dinner and it continued into the following day for two of them. Oh my. Let's just say that Grayson was not showing a lot  of grace toward his brother, Wesley today or Miguel yesterday. Blue mouths were the makeup of the last couple days and Pez candy and Wesley had quite a parting of the ways late this afternoon. I am sure that similar happenings were occurring around the county. They really didn't get much candy on purpose this year, but baskets at their house, then baskets from both sets of parents and aunt added up.

To readers (friends both new and old)- I want to thank you again for your Facebook responses to Our Katherine post.  The memories that you have shared have meant so much to us. When time passes, you wonder if others remember her and we sure got evidence of that.  Thank you. If you have  tried to subscribe and had a problem, evidently you have to use Google to search the name. Type either Unaccounted For, So Far or this will link Unaccounted For So Far. And I know I typed it wrong in Paul's Facebook message. Sorry. The Blogger is a Google owned program and evidently not all other search engines recognize it.  Probably why I have been unable to add a button so you can subscribe to it for Facebook and Twitter. It would make it easier for both of us if you did subscribe though. That way you won't miss any of the posts. Thank you for reading them.

By the way, there is a tab at the top of the post that you can click to see more pictures of Katherine. There have been over 800 people that have taken the time to read the 16 posts on my blog and more than 10 different countries around the world have read. That amazes me! I would like you to subscribe, not because I am nosy, and you can do it anonymously if you want, but because Google tracks the numbers and I may be able to provide some additional services if the subscriptions grow. But again I am not writing this to get Famous or rich. I am doing this for my own enjoyment and as a stress reliever and to help my healing with memory and dexterity. I enjoy writing. I am also doing this because my stories, though unique to my family, may resonate with others that have gone through many of the same issues that we have had to deal with.

This isn't the last I will write about Katherine. But, it has to be done in small bits and pieces. Time heals but tears come again when I start writing about the little details of her life. Healthy tears but it is draining emotionally sometimes. 

On Katherine's grave stone you will find among other things this verse. I thank my God every time I remember you. -Philippians 1:3 and we do.


Shelly said...

I did the same thing as you when I first started blogging- subscribed to many more than I could keep track of.

Your Easter sounds like a lot of fun, from th church service to the sugar highs.

I was so moved by your post about lovely, sweet Katherine. I do look forward to reading more about her, when and if you are able. What a treasure she remains in so many people's lives.

Jill said...

Shelly, Easter was fun,and the boys were well behaved over all. It was kind of crazy watching Grayson who is 19 months and his cousin Miguel arguing. Miguel is 3 and he is saying words that we all understood but Grayson was in his face yelling back gibberish and he was winning the argument. Miguel finally backed off. Absolutely crazy.

I hope your Easter was a blessed day for you all.

Crack You Whip said...

I enjoy reading and can't pass up a good blog like a good stick of chocolate. Sadly, I know that one day I will have to trim but for right now I am addicted to reading and fortunately I am a speedreader.

Your blog is a treasure and I will have to follow. I will enjoy reading future posts.